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Introducing After Effects. Mod:8

There are two ways to effects, one is in effects and presets or the the effect tab on the top of the screen But you have to have a layer selected to put a effect on. When you place an effect some will so no change because most effects are neutral to show nothing at […]

Working with shapes. Mod:7

There are two different types of shapes Parametric and Bezier. Parametric is shapes made by the shape tool. Bezier is shapes made by pen tool, text or pasted path. Shapes can have a path, stroke and fill. They also have unique features called shape path operations. Fill is the the color inside of the shape. […]

Working With Text. Mod:6

When working with text you want to make sure that you know the different ways to use it to express your animation. The different thing you can with text are: Selectin certain text to change color, Make the text together, You can change the fount of the text, You can add a stroke that can […]

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